Sugar Paste Cake Covering Guide

The Sugar paste cake covering guides below are for general guidance only. Depending on which brand of Sugar Paste you may be using, the manufacturer may offer slightly different guidelines. For example, Massa Ticino and Sarachino say there Sugar paste can be rolled thinner & still give a nice finish to your cakes.

The tables below are based on approximately 4″ deep cakes, and the Sugar Paste is pinned to about 4mm thick. The Kilo/Gram weights when converted to lb/oz, have been round to the nearest oz.

Round Cakes
DiameterSugar Paste
Sugar Paste
6″500g1lb 2oz
7″750g1lb 11oz
9″1kg2lb 4oz
10″1.25kg2lb 12oz
11″1.5kg3lb 5oz
12″1.85kg4lb 2oz
14″2.75kg6lb 1oz
This Table can be used as a guide for Heart, Hexagon, Octagon, Petal, and Oval cakes, Measure your cakes at the widest point.
Square Cakes
Size Sugar Paste
Sugar Paste
6″550g1lb 4oz
7″800g1lb 12oz
8″1kg2lb 4oz
9″1.25kg2lb 12oz
10″1.5kg3lb 5oz
11″1.75kg3lb 14oz
12″2kg4lb 7oz
13″2.5kg5lb 8oz
14″3kg6lb 10oz
You can also use this table for oblong cakes using the measurement of the longest side, it will give you some extra sugar paste over depending on the width of your cake.

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